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Nickel Alloy Suppliers India
Monel/ Inconel/ Hastelloy Material Stockist

Nickel Alloy Suppliers India

Nickel/ Monel/ Inconel/ Hastelloy Material Stockist & Distributors Worldwide

Nickel ALloy / Monel / Inconel / Hastelloy Sheet Plate Pipe Tube Round Bar Suppliers in Uk, India, China, Europe, Singapore

SILVER STEELS is a leading Stockist & Supplier of all Stainless Steel products. As a pioneer and leader in the manufacturing industry, SILVER STEELS is at the forefront of technology and research. We are constantly innovating, listening to the rapidly changing market and giving the consumer the best value for his money. 

Nickel Alloys or Superalloys or High performance alloys are highly engineered to offer a superior combination of high temperature corrosion resistance, toughness , heat resistance and strength and for the most demanding applications.


  • Excellent mechanical strength and creep resistance at high temperatures.
  • Good surface stability.
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistant.




  • Nickel 200 / 201
  • Monel 400
  • Monel K500
  • Inconel 600
  • Inconel 601
  • Inconel 625
  • Inconel 718
  • Incoloy 800
  • Incoloy 825
  • Hastelloy C276
  • Hastelloy C22
  • Hastelloy B2
  • Alloy 20
  • 904L


  • Sheets
  • Plates
  • Pipes
  • Tubes
  • Bars
  • Wires
  • Fittings
  • Flanges

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